Friday, January 21, 2011

Back in the land of sheep.

Now having been back in Aotearoa for about 2 weeks, I have still come to the conclusion that I would not love anything better but to go home to Denmark again.

I can't put into words how I feel. It's so strange, it's like something is missing and it actually physically hurts.

I must have cried a dozen times. I just randomly start crying, when I'm in the middle of doing something normal and laborious. Like tonight we went out for dinner and I had just had a really amazing main course, then my heart just dropped and I teared up. It really is the most awful feeling. Just unstable and unhappy.

The day that I left Denmark was a day which I had never wanted to come, but it did, oh it did. It was about 4am at Billund Airport and my amazing friends came to say goodbye to me as well as my family and it was the most surreal feeling I have ever had. It was all over. The most amazing year of my life finished, the fastest year I swear. But as they say all good things must come to an end, and Ill always have those memories from Denmark which makes me so happy as I have so many amazing memories I can and will hold onto.

Now is the hard part. Getting back into reality. But I actually feel like Denmark is reality and New Zealand is just a holiday, that in a week or two Ill hop onto a plane and travel for days back home. I know thats not the way it really is, although I really wish it was.

Seeing people again is also just bizarre. Its like time hasn't passed at all but then so much has happened and I've done so much yet it still feels the same. It trips you out thats for sure. Its really nice seeing my friends too, like of course I missed them but mainly missed out on sharing the experience that I had in DK with them, as now its like our lives have already started moving down different paths. My life has been DK, their lives have been Marsden and NZ, and it's just hard sometimes as we sort of lack common experience as we have been half a world away from each other. So hard to explain argh, but love all my NZ kids, I'm sorry if I seem out of it most of the time I'm with you, my mind is in one crazy place right now <3.

I'm off to university soon, in a few weeks I move to Christchurch in the South Island which I am SO looking forward to. I've seen enough of Wellington, getting a bit bored of it now so am SO ready for another big change. I look forward to being somewhat independent again.

Now am just trying to fill the days until I go, trying not to be so lost in my thoughts and memories as it just doesn't help.

Danmark altid i mit hjerte <3

Leave you with a few pics from my last time in DK and some of an NZ summer :)

Miss all of you in DK so much, come see me now pleeease.


My farewell afternoon tea with all my family and friends etc, Danish flag yay! And my Danish Graduation hat, for all of that hard work I did at school paha

Last day at Fredericia Gymnasium! Obviously no work was done, as usual.

Last Danish meal of Frikadeller, yummmmmm. And last of all my class during English, so much attention being paid no??

Flying home, over the USA. And this is what a New Zealander thinks a Danish is.....I apologise pahhahaha

NZ summer, Taupo kids camp 2011. Hello 28 degrees!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Not just yet

There isn't even time for me to sleep, I want to slow time so why sleep? All I'll do is close my eyes and relive this year through memories, then I'll wake up and realise I have to leave it all.

Friday. This year, this week.

But with all of the sad feelings, it has been an amazing past month especially. Today I had a day of farewell celebrations with friends and all of my amazing host families. Pics coming soon.

It's said that an exchange student meets on average 1000 people on their year away. I agree, I mean I have met so many amazing people from all over the world, all walks of life and with every person I know there is a different story of how we met. It's truly mind boggling to be honest. How did I live without some of these people? They are all so amazing, you all take my breath away and I'll miss you like you couldn't ever imagine.

So here I go, packing up my life, for the last time.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Water Works

So its late at night, and Im looking through some of my many thousands of memories of this year.

Big mistake, let the water works begin.

I dont want to face reality.

Im not going, sorry!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Jul i København

So i was in København again during the weekend, which was just so amazing. Its really one of the most amazing and most beautiful cities I have ever been to. Denmark does Christmas so well, and it all just fits. There is fresh snow on the ground, and lights in the trees. It just works. I am in love.

So in København I went to the Copenhagen Jazz House one night, which was just amazing. Jazz just fills your body, you actually feel it in your bones. Its upbeat yet relaxing, it has an amazing power over the mind I think.

We were also (of course) doing some last minute shopping for Jul, which on Strøget is really fun, yet super expensive, but hey you only live once so tusind tak til min mors kreditkort hehe.

We walked up to see the Little Mermaid who was home after having a few months holiday in China. We waited outside Amalienborg Palace, to see if we could see Princess Mary and family in the window. We ended up seeing their Christmas tree being delivered, so now can officially say I have seen the Royal Christmas Tree!

We café hopped along Nyhavn, sat in the Marble Church warming our feet and found the most amazing Vintage clothing store as well as the Dansk Arkitektur Center in Christianshavn.

The last night in KBH was spent at the opera, Madame Butterfly, at the absolutely breathtaking new Opera House. There is just something about the building which just draws you in, makes you think, makes you ask how. How someone thought of such a design, how they actually took a drawing and brought it to life. I loved it so much, and the opera itself wasn't too bad either!

A great trip all in all, ended with a 12.30am train home, getting to Fred at 3am nd waiting in minus 10 degree weather for 3 hours for a taxi, then sleeping for 2 hours then school. Life of an exchange student hey? Wouldn't change it for anything.

Now its officially Christmas in Denmark so GLÆDELIG JUL!!!

ill just go and enjoy my chocolate box like surroundings and have some gløgg, YUM

Lucy xx

Friday, December 17, 2010

This is it.

The days are vanishing, where did time go? Less than a month to go in Denmark. Puha...

So at the moment I am trying to fit in every last thing i can before I go home, I have made a calendar and everyday is full with plans of seeing people, traveling, packing, family time etc its INSANE.

Here are a few pics of what I've been up to lately. I'll try fill you in more when I am sitting down for more than 10 minutes :)

Top to Bottom:
My family 'Julefrokost', traditional Danish Christmas meal.
Let it snow!
Andreas and I in Odense, at HC Andersens Hus
Bremen, Germany Christmas decorations
Bremen, Germany Unhelig concert
Jacob Jensen Showroom Tour close to Skive, Northern Denmark
Copenhagen at Christmastime!
Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

Argh am so behind on this blog thing so so busy.

But a few more feet of snow have fallen, just in time for a white Christmas tomorrow.

God Jul!

Lucy x

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I love the way you make me laugh, make me smile, make me feel alive even when the common cold is getting me down.

Love is a powerful thing, it hurts, it fills you with a sense of euphoria. This year has been the test.

The day I step on the plane home, it doesn't stop.

Keep the love going, thought of my day today <3

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I just can't go

Tonight I had my Rotary Presentation, all in Danish. I spoke about this year, which is really hard to be honest. Trying to fit a year into a 25min speech? Was a challenge to say the least. But I did it, and it went really well. I was so happy as I was so nervous I would all of a sudden lose the ability to speak any word of Danish. But I could remember what I needed and I felt so good being able to do something like that, speaking in a foreign language that i have only been exposed to for 10 months or so, being in front of 50 people, all at least 20 years older than me. But I did it, it's done. Now to continue with my organised chaotic life.

So after my speech tonight, my host mum Ulla, gave everyone a piece of paper. She had written a song for me, like a goodbye song that was from all of my host families, like a little story of my exchange put into a tune. It was the sweetest thing, when everyone began to sing it I burst into tears. I can't leave this place, it will hurt too much.

Tonight was one of the first times I cried at the realisation I'm going home. Lots more where that came from.

Here is the song, in Danish. Google translate NZ people.

Til vores låne datter og søster Lucy.

Den lille Lucy rejste
Med kufferten så rød og fuld
Hun var jo spændt på folket og
på den danske muld

Først kom hun ned til Skærbæk
Og kiggede på det klare vand
Hun smilte for nu havde hun
Mødt den største mand! (far Ib)

Det næste stop var Fyns land
Hos Kirsten og Andreas bror
De går i samme klasse
og sammenholdet gror

Det sidste hjem er Taulov
Og mange ting er kommet til
Mentalt og ganske fysisk
En flyver fylde vil

Til slut vi alle takker
For den du er og så fordi
Vi har dig lært at kende
Vi takker alle ti (Niels og Nanna er også med)

Kærlige hilsner og knus fra

Nanna, Lærke, Gitte, Ib, Kirsten, Andreas, Søren, Niels, Ulla og Jens